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Air fogger


Fogger is a device used to disinfection indoor air. Preparation of the mist takes place through the solution of passing disinfectant preparation to the fogger head, in which is followed by the breakdown of drop under strong air flow. The resulting mist is characterized by a drop size up to 50 /im and undergo maelstrom, which contributes to better spread in fogging building. Expenditure of disinfectant preparation of one nozzle amounts from 0-10 l/h. There is a mechanical possibility of drop size regulation and thus the amount of discharge the product through a set of nozzles. The heads are adjusted factory by the manufacturer in such a way that fog at a distance approx. to 1 m from the die does not dew hands. Water flow in this case is approx. 5 l / h. There is a possibility to install automatic operation control system. For more detailed information, please contact the Customer Service Department or one of our Technical Advisors.

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