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Canisters and HDPE regranulates


Dear Sirs

The company launched a new department of plastic recycling. The scope of activities chapter covers the recycling of HDPE material and production of HDPE blowing method canisters. We use for this purpose a new and highly advanced machinery and equipment from industry manufacturing leaders. By thorough research, measuremenst and analysis of derived intermediates and final products, we can guarantee you high quality and repeatability of production.

Recycling department consists of plastic milling section, washing and separation section, drying section and a final component – pelleting section with the exact degassing of plastics. Measurements are made on MFR flow rate by modern Plastometer Zwicks Company. With this device we can also determine the gas content in the HDPE granulates. The pledge also includes research material to mark a density and moisture content of the material. HDPE produce for their own needs, there is of course the possibility of resale of surplus material or regrind production to customer. The set of material research also include possibility to mark density and moisture content. We are producing HDPE regranulate to own needs, but there is of course the possibility of resale of surplus material or produce it according to customer needs.

Blow molding department is the final element of the Plastics line. At the moment we have forms designed for blowing canisters with capacities of 10, 20 and 25 liters. Canisters are manufactured by blow molding and have a triple wall. In the process of manufacturing the devices perform continuous control measurement of wall thickness. Products may have any selected and accepted by the final customer color. On request we can put on such a canister indelible logo, signature or another element which irreversibly will identify the package with the customer. In the blow molding machine we applied the IML system which also allows to indelibly applied label to the wall of the canister. The label is bonded to the wall of the canister during its manufacture process. This improves the aesthetics and also causes the indestructibility of such a label. In the short term, we are planning the production of packaging 1, 2 or 5 liters on a smaller machine.

REPLACE YOUR OLD PACKAGE TO THE NEW ONE. Deliver us the old worn canisters, barrels, IBCs etc. made from high density polyethylene and we will refund you the processed material in the form of a new canister specially designed for the confection of both food substances and concentrated chemicals. Something about it we know - we produce chemicals by ourselves.

In order to contact regarding to the canisters and regranulate, please contact us by phone: +48 504 185 868

We invite you!

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