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HDPE grinding and washing line

Grinding and washing HDPE is a component of plastics recycling department. It consists of a section of plastic grinding, washing and separation section and drying section. Before start milling, material is segregated and separated. Segregation is designed to eliminate materials other than HDPE, and separating of it, by selecting waste having similar colors. Material selected in this way does not require staining in subsequent processing, unless the customer has such a wish. When they are applied to the conveyor transport belt, the wastes are screened for the presence of metals in the metal detector. Further material is transport to the grinder, where it is broken, crushed and ground. Friction washer is responsible for precise wash out of ubiquitous pollutions on the waste material. The next mill step is separation of "foreign" material other than HDPE in so called bath separation. The plastics material other than HDPE is separated and removed from the milling. The final milling step is centrifugation of material from water excess, drying and direct grist by cyclones to external storage tanks, big bags or octabins.

In order to protect the environment we have reduced emissions of waste water by the use of closed loop of the washing water. Water is cyclically treated, and the dregs and waste that we cannot process, are neutralized by the relevant institutions.

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