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furniture and armature


Social facilities equipment:

  • dirty dressing-room
  • clean dressing-room
  • bench with hooks
  • simple benches, waredrobes (can be assembled on a bench with a seat from PE plates)
  • laundry and towels chutes

Stainless steel sinks:
• automatic or hanging
• Gutter sink

Panels purity – in standard equipment includes:
• soap dispenser with a capacity  of 1liter
• disinfectant dispenser with a capacity of 1 liter
• Feeder of folder paper
• basket for used towels with capacity of 20 liters
• Complete electrical and plumbing connections (connecting hoses, siphon)
• elements for hanging on the wall (mounting strip, pins and screws)

Hand washer to clean aprons and boots, hand washers with dosing chemicals to clean the shoes, other accessories made of stainless steel and acid-proof steel.

Our offer is very broad. Furniture and fittings we can also produce according to your own project. In order to obtain accurate information about our offer, please contact the Customer Service Department or one of our consultants.

We invite you!

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