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Polchem in its own activities is covering all available areas of hygiene and maintenance of purity on-site.

Our constantly expanded offer includes:

  •     applicators and chemical mixers
  •     foam generators
  •     steam generators with an application of washing and disinfecting preparations 
  •     mobile machine for foam cleaning and disinfecting
  •     systems of central foam cleaning in any configuration with a possible option for central dosing of chemicals
  •     CIP stations and system of central chemical dosing

All components of our systems and devices are based only on the basis of high quality products and above all they are found and tested by many users whose opinion is always authoritative and decisive. Our customers appreciate that beyond the service we are able to bring new ideas, always in an innovative way shaping technological progress, and thanks to our advisers in each case the process of changes and modifications in the plant is accelerated. Central washing system built by our predecessors, we are able to service, renovate, expand or change with our customers money savings. In the face of growing turbulence on the market trends we are a company supplying our customers comprehensively.

The commercial offer includes:

  •     Standard furniture made to measure stainless steel
  •     dryers, dispensers, sanitary sluice; boots and apron washers
  •     sterilizers, reels for hoses
  •     hoses for water, chemicals, compressed air
  •     water pistols
  •     disposable clothing and tailor-made with prints
  •     elements of personal hygiene workers
  •     Standard and disinfectant mats to size
  •     insecticide lamps
  •     detergents and industrial cleaners
  •     machines and equipment such as scrubber
  •     industrial vacuum cleaners
  •     manual equipment for maintaining hygiene in the production area
  •     microbiological tests
  •     industrial footwear
  •     power tools, compressed air systems components
  •     supply of technical departments

Our company consists primarily the expectations of our customers, and we - the owners, sales, customer service, consultants, distributors, production and warehouse employees, our partners, people sympathetic to us and our competitors, which we have for profound respect,  allows us to fulfill our mission and continuously change on the road to inevitable success.

We invite all who wish to be an integral part of it!

POLCHEM ul. Morelowa 8, 61-474 Poznań tel. +48 061 830 39 34
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