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10l canister HDPE

HDPE canister with a capacity of 10 liters has been made in the blow moulding technology with three-tier system of the wall. The wall thickness is identical throughout the volume of the body of the canister. Thanks to the long-term tests could be obtained a project that satisfies all European safety requirements while fully implement usable ergonomics of packaging. On request, we can put its logo in the wall of the canister or permanently to label canister in the production process, thanks to the IML system. The canister may be made of pure granules or to inner layer we can integrate a mixture of granulate-regranulate of high quality, which greatly reduces the price of the package. We provide competitive prices. Canister has UN1,9Y certyficate. 


In order to contact about the canisters, please contact us by phone: +48 504 185 868

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