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Privat label production

Manufacture of chemicals often occupies with technical difficulties. If such problems met you, we can help you to solve them. We have modern fully automated production lines, which to a minimum limit human error guaranteeing a high repetition rate of production under the supervision of ISO 9001: 2008. We can undertake the production of your ordered product from the substrates entrusted to or our own. The same applies to the packaging or labels. The technological process is carried out in a closed process, starting from the dispensing substrates and ending at the automatic confection. Production halls possess a high degree of environmental protection. Due to the company's policy which aims to counter the devastating effects of chemicals on the environment and implemented system of environmental protection ISO 14001: 2004, we do not take up the manufacture of products having a degrading effect on the bio system of our planet. If you are interested in our proposal we invite you to negotiate.

Processing of HDPE material and production of canisters is our second choice for you. If you have HDPE in the form of waste (cans, barrels, DPPLS etc.), and would like them to crush, wash, or eventually to carry out to a form of regranulate, we serve your help. We have necessary modern hardware and machine infrastructure. Next we can use plastic to blow molding of canisters (10, 20, 25 l) with optionally permanently mounted label into the wall of the canister (IML system). In addition, logo or any words arising in the production process can be marked permanently.

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