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Trolley K-2

Wózek K-2

Based on years of experience, we have created a new machine for easy cleaning and disinfection - K-2 Trolley. After connecting to the water and compressed air cleaning and disinfecting process will become very simple. K-2 Trolley allows double dosing of chemicals (alkaline, acidic), thanks to modern satellite of ScanFoam Company, which holds dual channel pull system with two-way valve. In the standard is mounted drum-type retractable ST40 renowned German TEHA Company. The machine has been built in a robust and well thought out way. The truck can be equipped with different options. Among other things, the hose reel ended ball valve in the cover, or one of several of our spray guns such as: ST3300 with foam lance, rinsing or disinfecting. K-2 Trolley has a chassis consisting of wheels with a diameter of fi160mm. Two wheels are fitted with brakes stabilizing the truck during operation. Two swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. At the rear of the machine are attached handles to hoses which supplies the truck with water and air, to avoid being pulled them through floors by handling staff (protection against damage). These are just a few of the many innovations. K-2 Trolley joined together contemporary solutions, robustness, reliability, and competitive price. Working with the K-2 trolley may become a pleasure. In order to obtain accurate information about our offer, please contact the Customer Service Department or one of our consultants.

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