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Acid low-foaming cleaning preparation (ECO)


SULFACID-acidic concentrate of washing liquid containing modern components which optimize the cleaning process without the need for softening water. The product has been designed for higher cleaning efficiency and environmental protection. Formula despite acidic, does not include strong oxidizing agents and toxic inorganic acids (nitric acid, phosphoric acid) by which has been significantly reduced detrimental effects on the workers, cleaning surfaces and the environment! The preparation is designed for quick and efficient removal of mineral deposits, insoluble calcium-iron salts and limescale (water, milk and beer). It is designed for descaling, polishing and maintenance services of CIP, the external surfaces of machines, walls and floors (floors containing minerals and polymers-perform sample) anywhere where you cannot use the highly foam preparation. Ideally suited for cleaning closed CIP systems, pasteurizers, tanks, refrigerated tanks, injecting, brewery boilers. It has a built-in anti-corrosive and shielding component. Product does not damage seals.
• Biodegradation more than 97% according to the OECD.
• concentrate 100%.
• Concentration of working wash solution: 0.5-3% in water.
• washing temperature: 15-80oC.
• Dosing control: Electronically-conductivity analysis.

Composition: organic acids, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, phosphonium salts, chelating components, anti-corrosive and covering compounds, stabilizers and accelerating biodegradation substances.

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