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Alkaline low-foaming cleaning preparation

DM CID S is based on years of research of pollution problems and created as a product for modern industry. DM CID S is highly concentrated, alkaline, low-foaming, liquid product which has non-ionic and ionic additives surfactants, which soften the dirt and sludge from protein, fat and sugar. Phosphonium salt content reduces the occurrence of white raids after the cleaning process and the need for frequent acid treatment. Recommended for cleaning evaporators, pasteurizers, homogenizers, storage tanks and equipment in a closed circuit CIP. Repeated and systematically used of the preparation causes cleaned surfaces to be protected against secondary settlement of hard remove deposits. DM CID S is easily washed out. Polishes washed surfaces reducing the need to acid treatment. Suitable for cleaning stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and concrete. Do not apply to surfaces made of aluminum.
• more than 90% Biodegradation.
• Working concentrations: 1.0-4.0%.
• Washing temperature: 20-90oC.
• Dosing control: analysis of titration or conductivity.

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