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NEUTRAL MEDIUM foam cleaning preparation


KAMA is neutral product designed for manual or foam cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. Is a composition of a multicomponent, highly concentrated detergent and a surface-active compounds with the assistance of emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers. It contains natural soap of Marseilles which greatly increases the effectiveness of the product. The preparation does not leave stains and brightening washed surfaces. The scope of the preparation work: all highly contaminated surfaces in the food industry, farming and gardening. KAMA is safe for aluminum, copper, brass, plastic and wood. Particularly suitable for manual cleaning of surfaces heavily greased, machinery, plastic or metal containers, laboratory equipment, glass and auxiliary equipment. Preparation is very easily washed out. KAMA keeps acid balance of the skin of hands. It is produced in two versions-a compacted for manual cleaning, and low viscosity for use in a central cleaning system with metering injector.
• Concentration of working: 2,0-5,0%
• Washing temperature: 15-50oC
• Biodegradation 95%
• Dosing control: electronically-conductivity analysis

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